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Aims and Objectives


  • Our core believe is that the psychological well-being is an important aspect for a carer in order to be able to perform their work to the highest quality (caring for people with disabilities, older people, etc.).
  • One’s psychological well-being is based on the individual’s awareness of purpose and meaning of life, the feeling for meaningful connections with other people, the awareness of self-determination and control over life, the reflections of the past and the future and the openness to own self experience, values, meanings and perspectives.
  • Carers need assistance in this, especially as they are prone to lack of mental well-being due to the hardships they face in their care work.


  • The project focuses on the social, mental, physical well-being, health and sustainable development of a carer, with a training that addresses a (w)holistic thinking whereby we move from the imagination to the real, (the imaginary is real!) and embrace a “trans-disciplinary thinking” focused towards recognizing the mental and physical strengths of carers.
  • The MENTAP training is usable across Europe and will have an immediate impact on the more than 19 millions carers in Europe that are at risk of developing mental health disorders.
  • The training materials that will be developed will allow for classroom teaching, but also individually (online/mobile learning), to embrace this positive approach, giving access to a range of supportive exercises, both physical and mental, provided via an intuitive mobile application.

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