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Turkey leading country in elderly care: Expert

Turkey is a leading country in elderly care through its projects, laws, culture and opportunities, according to a gerontologist.

“We announced 2019 as the year of older persons to raise awareness and run projects about ageing and elderly people,” Kemal Aydin, head of the International Center for Ageing and Development (ICAD,) told Anadolu Agency on the occasion of the International Day of Older Persons.

An expert in studies related to aspects of ageing, Aydin said Turkey is a leading country in elderly care due to its approaches such as the “Peaceful Home” project, which gives priority to home care facilities instead of retirement homes.

“We are against retirement homes. The place where a healthy person stays is their own home, the society. Systems and technologies that value them and make them healthy are delivered to the ones in need in Turkey,” he said.

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