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Elderly in Turkey spend 4 hours a day on screens

Not only the young people but the elderly in Turkey are also spending a great amount of time in front of screens, said a head of an association combating digital dependency.        

“Adults aged between 65 to 70, in particular, are spending more than four hours a day [on the screens]. Digital tools have become an organ of us,” Tuncay Dilci, the head of Kayseri-based association, told Anadolu Agency.        

People are checking whether their digital device is along with them or not even when they go to the toilet or kitchen, Dilci said while speaking of people’s addictive nature in the central Kayseri province.      

“There are some people, who keep the TV turned on throughout the day. There are also those, who feel alone when it [TV] is turned off,” he said.         Stating that around 16% of Turkish people are depended on digital tools, Dilci emphasized that people should be careful of using digital devices to prevent technology addiction.

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