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Aging population continues to rise in once-young Turkey

Turkey ranks 66th among 167 countries with a high elderly population as the inevitable aging phenomenon continues to grip the country. The latest official figures made public Thursday show that the number of people at the age of 65 and above has reached 7.9 million with a 22.5% rise in the last five years.

Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat) which disclosed the data on the elderly population, says their proportion to the total population, currently at 9.5% according to 2020 figures, will reach 11% in 2025 and will follow an upward trend in the following decades. Though it may appear that 7.9 million is a small number compared to the total population of more than 83.6 million people, it is worrying for a country that boasted a young population compared to Europe in the past.

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