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Quality of life and mental health in family caregivers of patients with terminal cancer

The responsibility of working as a caregiver is considered to affect the quality of life (QOL) and mental health caregiver of cancer patients. However, few reports have focused on terminal cancer caregivers. Moreover, none of them has contrasted them to those of the general public.

Researchers surveyed family caregivers of terminal cancer patients seeking palliative care treatment in Korea. Monitor individuals were chosen from the participants in the first round of the fourth Korea National Health and Diet Review Survey and paired with family caregivers using the propensity score system to optimize our comparative study.

The results show that the family caregivers of patients with terminal cancer experience mental health problems and deterioration of health-related QOL. Culturally appropriate caregiver support programs are needed to decrease the impact of caregiving on the QOL and mental health of family caregivers in Korea.


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