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Mental well-being and health training for carers of people with disabilities and elderly people

With over 19 million carers in Europe (Source: Eurocarers), their mental well being is crucial for their cared for persons, who depend heavily on carers to have an acceptable quality of life.

Associations between physical and psychological health and being a caregiver are well established and therefore need our attention.

MENTAP addressed therefore the core issue at stake: caregivers are at elevated risk for developing mental health disorders.

Target groups

  • (in)formal caregivers
  • supportive staff
  • nurses
  • parents
  • psychologists
  • (special) educators
  • social workers
  • counselors/coaches/mentors (in a broad sense) (for those who have a bachelor’s/master’s degree in psychology , pedagogy , medicine , sports, social activities and want to further develop in this area)
  • all who work with people with disabilities


  • people with disabilities
  • older people
  • their family members

Start date: 31 December 2020
Duration: 24 months

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